The winter is past, the rains have ceased, and, behold, the flowers appear...
~Canticles 2:11-12

The Church teaches that as a result of the fall, all of creation fell.
In this engraving through the action of the Holy Spirit in the Mystery of the Eucharist we see the heart of the Christian coming into flower  and through the sanctification of the human heart, the beginning of the return to paradise for all creation.
Jesus, full of kindness,
make flower in our hearts
the virtues most pleasing
to You.
Bouasse Lebel
The divine Master gathers the flowers of His garden reserved for Him alone.
All for you, Lord, the flowers and the fruit.
I will separate her 
from the world
to make her
my faithful companion.
Bouasse Lebel 799

The soul sprinkled with the tears 
of the Heart of Jesus
will, by its sweet fragrance,
enrapture the Church on earth and in heaven.